General Engineering Services

ILD has engineering expertise available for all types of nuclear power generation projects in both BWR and PWR units. Our team of engineers can assist in all aspects of a design project from scoping, development, implementation and testing. Examples of our general services include:

  • Design Development and Analysis
  • Engineering Change Package Development and Implementation
  • Root Causes Analysis Reports
  • Third Party Expert Reviews

Plant Design Modification Engineering

ILD provides services for plant modification including design modification engineering analysis, design modification package development, and technical procedure writing.

Stress Analysis


ILD has piping stress and support analysis capability for performing ASME Section III, Class 1, 2 and 3, ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3 piping stress analyses. Software used includes CAESARII and Autopipe. We can easily develop 3D models of the system or import existing 3D models into the analysis software for faster analysis.

Component Analysis

ILD can model and evaluate component stresses using finite element analysis (FEA) software such as Autodesk Simulation Mechanical (formerly ALGOR).

Thermal/Hydraulic Analysis

ILD has been involved in system fluid transient analyses for more than 25 years. ILD has access to industry standard analytical tools to quickly and accurately evaluate, diagnose, and correct abnormal transient system behavior. Our experience includes line break mass energy release models, main steam turbine stop valve closure transient models, feedwater pump trip models, void collapse, and other scenarios.

Hydraulic Analysis

Software Tools

For transient and steady state analysis, ILD has experience using RELAP5, HYTRAN, GOTHIC, and FATHOM software programs. These types of analyses can be performed for anticipated modifications such as increased flow due to power uprate. Additionally, they can be used in the evaluation of equipment issues and assisting in root cause analyses

Turbine Cycle Heat Balance

ILD is capable of developing turbine cycle heat balances to illustrate expected power cycle performance due to power uprate, component replacement, or degraded operating conditions.

Heat Balance

Equipment Failure Evaluation (Root Cause Analysis)

ILD is able to quickly identify the cause of troublesome performance issues that may not be directly evident. Our experience allows us to understand the cause of degraded conditions and the proper procedure to mitigate further problems.