Thermal Performance Engineering

ILD specializes in the evaluation and optimization of the nuclear (BWR and PWR) and fossil thermal cycle. Our engineering team has many years of experience working with equipment supplied by all major nuclear and turbine cycle vendors.

Turbine Replacement/Retrofit Warranty Testing (ASME PTC 6)

ILD has been involved with turbine replacement and generation guarantee testing at over 15 nuclear units. Our capabilities include all aspects of the turbine replacement project including writing the turbine specification, bid review and analysis, vendor selection, start-up and testing procedure writing and implementation, and on-site support of the pre and post test evolutions. We have been involved with replacements with all major turbine vendors and are knowledgeable in all aspects of ASME PTC 6 testing. Our turbine expertise can also be used for turbine replacements as part of uprate projects, where the overall uprate output including the new hardware must be validated through testing.

Lost Megawatt Recovery Investigations and Heat Rate Testing

ILD has the capability to determine the heat rate of your unit with minimal instrumentation installation required. Applications for this type of testing include identification of differences between identical units, determination of the cause of sagging gross generator output, and efficiency testing used for future project planning.

Condenser Performance Testing (ASME PTC 12.2)

Using the guidance of ASME PTC 12.2, ILD can conduct main condenser performance testing. ILD has been involved in condenser performance monitoring and improvements for over 30 years, and the ASME code testing is a way to precisely quantify condenser performance. We also have condenser and cooling tower models that have been developed from our extensive condenser thermal performance knowledge bases.

Heat Exchange Testing for Closed Feedwater Heaters (ASME PTC 12.1)

ILD has experience in writing programs and procedures as well as performing on site testing of heat exchangers to the requirements of ASME PTC 12.1 to determine the performance of closed feedwater heaters in the nuclear cycle. Such testing can be performed immediately after component replacement or modification for commercial warranty testing or at any subsequent time to determine current performance and detect and quantify degradation. Other types of heat exchangers can be evaluated against the recommendations of the Heat Exchanger Institute (HEI) and the USNRC (via GL 89-13).

Best Estimate Power Monitor (BEPM)

The Best Estimate Power Monitor (BEPM), developed by ILD, maximizes nuclear power plant generation while ensuring reactor thermal power limits are maintained within required levels. The ILD BEPM can be used to detecting and monitoring venturi fouling, industry ultra-sonic flowmeter issues and other technical issues that can impact core reactor thermal power.